So, do you have any idea? What's next?

Send us description of the idea to us

At Ovantiko we don’t use an answering machine for requests. We have qualified, specially trained people who will be happy to help you and will make the first steps with you in implementing of your idea. Send your idea / specification or request and our team will contact you as soon as possible. This starts a friendly and productive relationship with the Ovantiko team.


Collection of requirements and their coordination

At this stage, our analysts work with specialists in the subject area of the client, in order to determine the requirements for the application. All business requirements are detailed, prioritized and agreed with you. As a result of this stage, the document "Terms of Reference for Software Development" is created.

Development and testing

Magic begins here, or the fact that some people call 'writing of code and creating databases with using the chosen architectural approach and technologies'. The team of testers participates in the project from the early stages of development, beginning with planning process and creating test cases, and going directly to performing various tests in depending on the requirements. "

Delivery and support

Delivery and support. Guarantee

The delivery stage involves the installation of the system in a working environment, configuration, transfer and loading of data. Also at this stage, a technical and user documentation, training of users and knowledge transfer. Friendly relationship with the Ovantiko team doesn’t end on this and go to the stage of reliable support. According to the specified warranty period in contract, our team made the necessary adjustments and changes.

Models of cooperation


Project (fixed price)

According to the project, we have in view of outsourcing a specific task of software development, whether it is developing a solution, reengineering or migration, improvement or configuration of the solution. The main distinguishing feature of this model of interaction is that in The contract specifies all details of the project, such as uniqueness, predefined timeframes or a fixed budget. Such an approach usually implies a fixed project cost, and the risks are mainly assumed by Ovantiko.


A dedicated team

Dedicated teams can be very effective under certain conditions. There are different cases when this model is ideal for work. The main difference This model is that the team follows the customer's approaches in the work, his methodology and culture (so if some of Your employees were in another building). The customer in this case is sure that all activities within the allocated of commands are similar to those used in his office. This service is mainly focused on the process of creating a team, monitoring, management of customer and employee expectations, risk management. And in most cases, the customer (with the appointed manager of Ovantiko project) manages projects with a dedicated team, not using their own management personnel.


Time & Materials

It presupposes billing clients for actual work scope based on hourly rates of labor. Customers are charged for amount of hours spent on a specific project, plus costs of materials. The main advantage of T&M model is flexibility and opportunity to adjust requirements, shift directions, replace features, and involve users to get the product.

SLA Approach

SLA Approach

SLA cooperation model (Service Level Agreement, the Service Level Agreement) is often used in support and maintenance projects, and in work related to business process outsourcing (Business Process Outsourcing). SLA approach for IT services usually includes the following: Management of non-standard situations, Problem management, Change management, Release management, Management, Level of service.