Dozens of .Net projects have been completed which show that we know what is .Net and is and how to work with it to implement complex projects and meet the expectations of customers. In the company of developers, the process of sharing knowledge and experience is established.


Modern IT applications are created on WEB basis. Websites, online stores, online magazines, simple or complex web portals with integrated message modules or document management. We are ready to carry out all projects.


JavaScript is a universal platform for the latest web technologies that are being developed and constantly being improved. JS – this is exactly the element that will make your site or application dynamic and modern. It is considered the most popular programming language that will capture the entire market in the near future. This language is friendly and useful for users, developers and programmers. Modern gadgets are filled with applications that are interesting to advanced youth and developers. JavaScript plays a special role in application stores and is becoming more popular every day.


Mobile application development is currently one of the popular trends and the fastest growing software development market in the world. Mobile development is used to create a mobile version of its website, as well as a complex cross-platform mobile application or game. Our team mainly works with projects on iOS and Android, but we have some experience in developing mobile applications based on other operating systems.


IoT, or Internet of things, is a network of Internet-connected objects that can collect data and exchange data coming from embedded services. The IoT ecosystem, or the Internet of things, is all components that enable businesses, governments and users to connect their IoT devices, including control panels, toolbars, networks, gateways, analytics, data storage and security. We are ready to offer you solving of your problems by developing ready-made devices.